Explanation of PERA Enterprise Architecture Diagram

A PERA "Windchime" is shown with each Methodology to indicate how it may be used within the overall PERA "GERAM" (Generalized Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology).

PERA divides an enterprise into 3 "elements"

  • Production Facilities
  • People
  • Control and Information Systems

These are shown color-coded on the right.

PERA also divides the enterprise into 7 "Phases",( as shown on the right ). Sometimes the names of these Phases differ (for example "Construction" may be called "Implementation" in a service industry which requires minimal physical facilities).

windchime_key.gif - 5027 Bytes

The "Windchime" presented with the description of each methodology indicates (with a yellow background) which Phases and which Elements of an enterprise would typically use that methology.

by Gary Rathwell reserved

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