What is the Purdue Reference Model for CIM ?

The Purdue Reference Model for CIM is a book which provides a set of data flows and function hierarchies for a generic manufacturing facility.

It addresses operations including production control, procurement, process support engineering, maintenance management, and other functions directly associated with manufacturing. It does not address "external" (to the plant) functions such as marketing and sales, finance, corporate management, and research and development. It does however, define interfaces to these functions. The Purdue Reference Model for CIM addresses only those functions which are "automatable" in the forseeable future.. That is, functions which can be defined in mathematical or program terms. It does not address manufacturing functions which require human innovation.

Chapter 4 provides a set of "Reference" data flows for a manufacturing facility in such an enterprise. The following diagram shows an overview of these.

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Each of the Functions shown in the Overview is then expanded in more detailed flow diagrams such as the following Maintenance Data Flow Diagram.

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In addition to data flows, it also presents a set of "functions", indicating how these functions are distributed among different organizational levels. This is sometimes called an "hierarchical function model".

The Purdue Reference Model for CIM is 250 pages long, and may be downloaded from this website.

by Gary Rathwell reserved

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