Enterprise Integration and Communications Systems

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A written authorization report to accept material that during production or after inspection has been found to depart from the specified requirements, but the material is considered to be suitable for use 'as is' or after repair by an approved method. This allows production to proceed. A deviation permits a change before it occurs and a waiver permits a change after it has occurred. [SAMA].
Waiver Description
May include the reason for the waiver or deviation, the impact on production if approved, the impact on production or the schedule if not approved, and corrective action information.
Windows, Icons, Mice, Pointers, Scroll Bars.
An application software "design concept" that allows several programs to be run and displayed on the screen simultaneously and which supports integration of data between applications programs. [DEC].
Wiring Closet
The room or location where the telecommunication wiring for a building, or section of building, comes together to be interconnected
Work Authorization
Documents or information conveying authority to a function to perform specified work per a specified priority or schedule. This can include maintenance of equipment and manufacture of specified parts or products in specific quantities. [APIC].
Work Authorization Identification
A unique identifier for each work authorization.
Work In Process
Work in process is the set of products in various stages of completion throughout the plant, including raw material that has been released for initial processing, up to the completed processed material awaiting final inspection and acceptance as a finished product. [APIC].
Work Order
Authorization to Maintenance to perform work (may include work description, symptoms, special precautions, clearance procedures, etc.).
Work Report
Reporting on performed maintenance time, diagnosis, used parts, etc.
Work Request
A request for work to be performed that has not been scheduled, such as requesting tools and material to be moved to a workstation. This could include a work cell that is idle and needs more work, or it could be a request for unscheduled maintenance to be performed on a piece of equipment.
Workflow Unpredictability
Degree to which the anticipated inputs, processes, and outputs to the human-machine system are unpredictable.
The assigned location where workers perform their job. Human-machine interface devices that are composed of coordinated input/output devices which include video displays, keyboards, functional menus and may or may not include off-line storage capabilities. Used for graphics, text, data and retrieval functions.