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New Enterprise Integration Development Projects

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The following are "open" initiatives that are intended to develop standards, methodologies and/or tools to more effectively implement Enterprise Integration projects. These development projects may be undetaken by standards groups (e.g. ISA or MESA), research organizations (like Purdue or MIT), or collaborative industry groups (like API or EPRI). Only "Open" development projects are included. These Open Projects offer their results to all participants and (preferably) to all enterprises. Proprietary "in-house" development programs are not included.

If you click on any of the links below, you will see a short discsussion of the development project, and/or a link to the development group's website. Where possible, we will also include a link to an e-learning course for those who wish to have a more detailed understanding.

In most cases, assistance is available from the support organizations listed on the websites above.


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