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PERA Training Services

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Enterprise Consultants provides PERA training as both self-paced on-line courses and instructor-led seminars. These seminars may be conducted on your premises to minimize travel and time costs for your employees. For Russian and French versions of our courses, we can provide translated slides and simultaneous translators. (Other languages on request.)

All courses are customizable for your corporate environment (vocabulary, work processes, etc.)

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Course Title Course Description On-line Course On-site Course Duration

Introduction to PERA

Describes the main concepts of PERA and how they relate to a typical industrial enterprise. Contact Us Half-day
Introduction to Engineering Project Management Explains basic principles and methods behind best-practice project management for large, international engineering projects. SAMPLE 4 days
PERA Master Planning "If you don't know where you are going, you probably won't get there." Enterprise Planning for Engineering Project Managers. SAMPLE 1 day


Enterprise Systems Planning and Execution


Introduces the main concepts of PERA and how they relate to a typical process industry enterprise.

Intended for Project Managers and Directors who will lead projects involving automation and communication systems.

Contact Us
1 day


PERA Enterprise Network Design


Explains how to design industrial and enterprise networks using PERA principles presented in PERA for Project Managers and Engineers. Contact Us 2 days

Industrial Architecture Levels

Describes the different devices and systems in a typical industrial enterprise and how the response time and data management defines the hardware or software level of each device. Contact Us Half-day

Instrumentation - Multiphase Flowmeters

Describes the principles and devices used to meter multiphase flows, particularly in the oil and gas industry. SAMPLE Half-day


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