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More About the PERA Enterprise Integration Web Site

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This website was initially established by:


It is based on principles established by PLAIC (Purdue Laboratory for Applied Integration and Control) and several major studies and reports which you will find in the PERA Documents section of this website.

When Ted retired and PLAIC was disbanded, Gary Rathwell, Hong Li, and many other practicioners who had participated in the original PERA development, continued to apply and develop the Enterprise Integration material which you will find described here.

Through Enteprise Consultants, Gary Rathwell and Bill Bosler implemented more than a dozen Enterprise Master Planning projects, many of which were overseas. At the same time, Shelby Laurents his EICS Team at Fluor implemented many more Oil Refining Enterprise Integration projects here in the United States, and Hong Li implemented PERA projects in China.

During this time, Bill Bosler, Shelby Laurents, Leon Steinocher and Gary Rathwell participated in development of the ISA 95 Enterprise Integration standard, which is based on PERA architecture and concepts.

There have been many contributors to this work, that are too numberous to list here; however some of the most important have been listed in " Credits " and this list is continuously growing.

We are proponents of the Stone Soup school of technology evolution, so we welcome your suggestions to improve this site, and encourage you to sent us (or let us point to) reference material you would like to share. Just drop us an email or call our implementation and support team at Enterprise Consultants .


To provide a reference site for PERA materials, and a forum for sharing information on recent developments and products in Enterprise Master Planning and Systems Integration.

Our objectives in establishing this web site include the following:

Intended Audience

This site is meant for Computer and Telecommunications Network Professionals, Control Engineers, Enterprise Management, and Project Management who are responsible for design of Industrial and Corporate Control and Communication Systems. The Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture ( PERA ) provides a valuable tool for the design of such Enterprise Systems.

While this website focusses on the Control and Information Systems component of PERA, PERA is also relevant to all other management and engineering groups since it relates all three components of an enterprise:

Thus, the PERA concepts described on this site can equally well be used by Process Engineers to understand how their facilities interface with Control and Information Systems, or by Plant Management to define interfaces between People, Information Systems and Production Facilities.  

by Gary Rathwell reserved

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